About us

D-HUB Studios is a dubbing studio founded by Lidia Cudemo. After ten years in the dubbing business she decided to set up a dynamic and highly organised company to meet the varied demands and needs of television production in the 21st century.

The name D-HUB was born out of both the sound of the word and an ambition to be the central ‘hub’ of high quality dubbing and services to the television industry.

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Dubbing in...

Italian, English, French

Dubbing for...

Movies, Tv series, cartoons, documentaries, video games, corporate videos, tutorials…

Lip Sync and Voice Over

  • Translation
  • Script adaptation
  • Voice casting
  • Direction
  • Recording
  • Synchronization
  • Mixing
  • Quality Control
  • Transfer of dubbing version to all media formats
  • Broadcast copies
  • Graphics and titles

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